By the Numbers

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3 – Mad Men Episodes I have watched since the last time I posted here

6 – Subjects covered in school today

2 – Times we listened to ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’

18 – Days the library claims a My Little Pony book is overdue (it’s not. Twas returned. How do I prove this?!)

12 – Times I feed Greer-girl milk every day

1 – Glass broken during lunch

6 – Number of cents over my Gap order for today that qualified me for free shipping

1 – Size of shoe I ordered for Gideon’s Rock N Roll shoes

5 – Times I’ve thought that I should have ordered a size two

24 – Digits with nails that I clipped (the baby only had four done before I gave up. It is the worst baby care job) today

3 – Beds unmade

2 – Children happily playing in Gideon’s room

1 – Baby sleeping


  1. I totally agree with the nail cutting! Especially the toes…. Regarding the Little Pony Book – go to the library and see if you can find it in the shelves – good luck!

  2. The library told us once that we never returned a book that we actually had. I think we ended up paying for a new one but somehow found it later put away in the wrong place.

  3. I must say, that is a lot of milk feedings and your son has big feet (though I can guess your kids have a better chance of being tall than mine). And I totally play that game with the free shipping like that! How close can I get it 🙂 Too funny.

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