Cake Time

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I’m making Gideon’s fire truck cake. Yes. He had a fire truck cake last year too. Yes. I anticipate making this same cake every year for the rest of his life and twice the year that he gets hired on to the department of his choice.

His party is tomorrow and his anticipation swings between complete indifference (when he is immersed in Legos) to extreme excitement (when he saw the party favors). I always sort of loose my mind the day before one of the birthday parties. It’s a microcosm of what occurred when we got married.

Eating a bunch out of nerves. Fueling myself with coffee to have the energy to get everything done. Heading to the bathroom every four minutes. Getting caught up in the minutiae of the etiquette only to eventually stop caring about all of it about three hours out. Having a good time once I chill the stink out.

I am hoping to find my chill a bit earlier each time.

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