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Yesterday, while making our way into Poppy & Grandma’s house Gideon touched the teeniest tiniest bit of snow and started laughing.  The rest of it had melted away and he thought he was about to touch bubbles (it did look a lot like dishwater bubbles in the sink) and instead he found something unexpected.

The kid loves being outside.  All the time.  Any weather.  He thinks rain drops on his head are hilarious.  He never noticed the intense heat of the sidewalk when the temperature soared above 100.  He doesn’t mind the cold one bit.  Let me tell you, that is not from my blood.  If it is cold and I am getting wet, I’m done.  I might soldier through whatever brought me outside, but it is taking all of my sanctified self to stay civil.  So, obviously, I blame his father for every tear-filled cry to be outside even when it’s blustery and the thought of bundling up makes me shiver.






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  1. LOVE the leaf pictures! Great shots.

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