Losing It

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In May, when some friends convinced me to run the 5k, I began working out in earnest pretty much five times a week. I was running at least three miles five times a week, so about 15 miles a week for eight weeks. On top of that, I was doing some yoga, various interval workouts, climbing the StairMaster at the gym and randomly lifting weights. I didn’t loose a pound.

I’m sure I lost inches. I am positive that my clothing fits differently, although plenty of it still does not yet fit. I always face this battle after having a kidlet, but this time I was really trying to loose the weight. Baby #1 – the weight fell off like nursing magic. I BELIEVED in the power of milk production. Baby #2 – one year after pushing her out and I was still chunky – not extra chunky, but pretty far from smooth. Now, Baby #3 (and my 32-year-old self) – I am working at loosing the weight. I’d never made the effort before, but I figured I would now and I figured I’d have success, but I’m having to readjust what success looks like for me.

I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago who also has thyroid problems and she told me that she never looses any weight unless she does anaerobic activity for over an hour each day. Whoa. Who has time for that, I thought? And then I made the time. I walked. I walked pretty slowly. I tried my hardest not to pick up the pace. I did the long slow burn of not getting my heart rate into the range I love it to enter. I love sweating (when I’m supposed to be). I love hurting (the next day, not in the middle of it all). I love feeling wiped out (at the end, not when I’m stepping up to the plate). I love working out hard. Walking and anaerobic stuff is the opposite of that. It was killing me.

I lost four pounds in a week.

Ridiculous, right? I’ve been trying to keep up that low slow pace, but I couldn’t help myself today. Today I did these:

I stopped with circuit three. I’ll probably bust out with circuit four tomorrow. I can’t help it. I’m all in, even if it means the scale stays right where it is.

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It’s just before one o’clock and there is a sixteen pound baby nursing in my one arm. The other arm has, until this very moment, been helping me hold up a book that I’ve been reading swiftly. It’s good and it’s non-fiction but not in a self-help kind of way.

There are two children in the blue room (which is what we call it now instead of Gideon’s room because Piper sleeps there too and she takes offense) who are playing nicely with the door closed. Their muffled voices sweep through every level of the house, save the basement, where the air conditioner is working it’s magical self ragged. It’s new, in terms of air conditioners, so it doesn’t sound alarmingly loud, but still, it drowns out all else in the basement when it’s working. I am sure that the relative niceness in which the children are currently playing can end at any moment, perhaps this one, so I will tip toe about hoping to prolong their pleasantries.

I’ve just ended a phone call with my husband who usually calls at least once a day to check in and see how his people are getting on. We are getting on well. He has news of a client and we talk the details to death. Then he needs to go and we remind each other of our love and hang up.

Prior to these moments, the children and I had been watching Charity: Water videos. I’ll never get over the Time Bomb Luxury Lab one. It’s how I first learned that the solvable issue in Africa isn’t civil war and isn’t how to help age long rivalries find civility – it is water. Water changes everything and you will never convince me otherwise. Water and Living Water are the two key issues everywhere, it’s just that most of the rest of us don’t have to give one thought to either of those issues in order to wake up tomorrow. You’ll just do normal things and get normal results. It’s luxury at it’s finest to be able to loose sight of the basics.

But here is the video that drew us in today. If you are on twitter, no doubt you’ve seen it already. If not, I think you should watch it. It made me cry, but not the kids. They’re far too practical for that. “Where is she buried?” asked one of them. “Why are they so happy?” asked another. “How many cars were involved? How long will the people have the clean water? How many people don’t have to drink dirty stuff now?” Good, practical, smart questions that I bet another little girl would’ve asked too.

Rachel Beckwith’s Mom Visits Ethiopia. from charity: water on Vimeo.

I’m off to hug my babies and get a drink of water and thank the Lord for all these things.

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Saturday Morning Video: Pink Swan

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Can you imagine spending hours in a room with this going on? Yeah. Me neither. #ThankfulTheyGotDizzy

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Pink Swan from JudandKim on Vimeo.

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Saturday Morning Video: Shredding It

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[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Saturday Morning Video: Shredding It from JudandKim on Vimeo.

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Saturday Morning Video: Stuff We Love Right Now

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[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Saturday Morning Video: Things We Like from JudandKim on Vimeo.

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Thursday, Thursday, Mothering, Mothering, Hey!

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This is the part where I make a bunch of self deprecating jokes. Something along the lines of how I am an idiot.  Something close to singing a song called “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” or creating a transition from 9/11 victim’s families to dogs jumping out of planes (thanks to, Nightline, for the material).  For real though, I am dumb.  So dumb. So dumb.

Today was all set to be full.  Watching a friends’ child. Taking all three up to preschool.  Arranging for someone else to stay with the two younger ones while I attended a Mother’s Day Lunch with Gideon. Back home to nap the little ones and prep the house for our Thursday night group.  Planning was done. Execution was the only thing left.

Did I mention that we can only carry two car seats in the back? I don’t know what happened to those things over the past couple of decades, but good luck having three children and packing them all into a sedan.  It, quite simply, will not work anymore. The seats are bigger (and better, I am sure) and the kids are safer (or at least seated on beautiful fabrics wrapped over fantastically soft cushions). So, I had to borrow our friends’ van.

And I forgot it was trash day.

Until I ripped off the side mirror.  The side mirror that does not belong to me.

And knocked over the trash can.  The trash can that most definitely is mine and full of my yard clippings and chicken breast trimmings. Oh yes.  That was all mine.

I immediately did what everyone in this situation would do.  I called my mom.  She talked me down and I didn’t even shed a tear, which, let’s face it, is a Cinco De Mayo miracle, people. I opened up the garage again and got a shovel.  There was no way I was ever going to be able to set that can back up by myself and I am convinced that God Himself sent me a random man to help me right that black stinking smoldering can of refuse. And then I shoveled my old broccoli and grass back into it.

Next I found the duct tape.  Using four pieces I secured the mirror and realized that it was not quite as bad as I originally thought.  But you know how car stuff is. It’s always simultaneously not a big deal and expensive.

A bunch of really awesome things then happened that aren’t interesting at all.  Everything worked out and the van was all fixed by the time the girls were up from their naps.  Don’t worry, I told the van’s owner what happened.  By text.

I know. I know. Not exactly proper, but I lost my Ms Manners page on “When You Break Other People’s Things and Have To Tell Them But Are Totally Embarrassed By How Idiotic You Actually Just Proved Yourself To Be.”

I cried later.  I feel better now.

Driving Lessons from Old Lady Chic

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