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Apparently there is a difference between 24 hour fitness, 24 hour fitness sport and 24 hour fitness super sport. I had no idea. I mean, yes, I understand that each of them has some different addition and I’m guessing that those words mean SOMETHING, but I don’t know WHAT and I for sure didn’t know that I couldn’t work out at the one with the ‘super’ attached to it. It would have been helpful to know before 5:30 am when I am 20 minutes from home on my first day of work. Luckily the woman at the desk gave me a by and I was able to work out after only some minor pathetic theatrics. After experiencing the amazing difference of super sport, I must say that the word ‘super’ seems a bit much. They didn’t have my favorite ab machine, but they did offer mouthwash and lotions in the bathroom. I used neither. I guess I’m not super enough to throw my obsessive compulsion with cleanliness and personal hygiene to the wind. It was all a little too creepy for me. I’ll just take my poor sport butt to a different one. One where no one offers me mouthwash in the locker room.

My first day was typical – IT problems, waiting for the person who’s training me to finish their real work so that they can show me how to do amazingly simply things. Essentially I prepare TPS reports and send them out to people, with cover sheets of course. It would’ve been helpful if my trainer had told me that the report needed to be inserted into the microscopic slits in the folders before I sealed the envelopes they were in, but it didn’t take that long to open them all up, insert all of the papers into the slits and reseal them with packing tape. Not as long as pounding my head against a filing cabinet for 50 minutes, but nearly as much fun. I was pretty relieved to find the work so simple, but also a little frightened because I am sure I cannot do this for a long period of time. We’ll see how it all works out.

I’ll give a shout out to the ‘rents who celebrated their anniversary yesterday. Holla!!

And finally, Adam, you better be treating my dogs nicely (i.e. when preparing yourself a tuna fish sandwhich, be sure to open two cans of tuna, use as much tuna as you’d like for two-four sandwiches but make sure to leave a little extra in each can and give one to each puppy). If you don’t they will just bite you, or cry a lot, or lick you, or pee. Have it your way, I guess.


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