Change is In the Air

Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Health, Mothering | 0 comments

The silver maple in our front yard has been mulched into tiny wood chips in the back of a truck. The shade it provided us, during these hot summer days, is all gone now. That very green grass in the middle of our yard will probably leave us too and we’ll have to put fill dirt over the stump once it is ground down next week or the week after.

Piper wanted to take a nap today. I moved her bed out of the blue room and back into the pink one. When Greer wakes up crying tonight, this will all become more interesting. In the meantime, she sleeps.

Greer, who used to nap for hours — once for four consecutively — has been cat napping for a week. It makes life a little trickier but I’m not excited about it like I would’ve been before 2012.

I’ve been exercising to DVDs that we recently sifted out of boxes in the garage, but I still can’t find my weights. If I’m going to get some muscles, I’m going to have to find those.

The baby is rocking on her hands and knees. It’s coming soon.

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