Change the Things You Can

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Oh, so we are not moving. We are staying in our lovely home, the home I may have cried about while cleaning and staging for a move. I cried because of the memories we’ve already created here and the ones that I thought we would create here (we were going to finish the basement! ONE DAY! and our kids were going to share those rooms and I really love how open it is! FIRST WORLD LAMENTS!). And now it is all the same. The kitchen counter tops are still the same ones my grandmother has in her house that was renovated in the 60s. The bathrooms still have linoleum and those garish lights and the super duper ugly counters. Yes, I love the house we have here. At the same time, there are items on our to do list that may take years to save for and accomplish. The bag is mixed.

Before, when we thought about moving out all of the furniture and sending it south, we could not imagine opening a truck there and finding that same furniture that my rear end has been sitting on since 1982, or there about. When we lived in Hawaii my parents scored these two recliners and a sofa and two end tables and a coffee table and those things just would not die. They came with us to Germany. They came back. But when my parents moved out of this house, when we purchased it from them, my mother refused to take it all with her. She bought some new stuff that is even better for napping on and we were thankful for the extra set of places to sit. But they weren’t attractive and Jud could not lay out fully on the couch to sleep. And we decided to not move them either. We announced it on Facebook and had takers the same day. We were happy to deliver.

And then we waited for our new stuff. The L shaped sofa that lets all six feet five inches of Jud sprawl out and the lovely two person chair to make their grand debut. We purchased them from NFM, the grand daddy of furniture places that sells quality stuff at ridiculously cheap prices. We shopped. We haggled. We waited for the sofa to come in. Jud, Gideon and Poppy assembled.

Let’s just say game time has drastically improved.


  1. Yeah well, I still like the old couch better.

    • You would. Join our pretense! I demand it!

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