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I left work early today because of this….

Not the flowers. The snow. Snow? In Texas? I know.

Remember how I told you that Jud went to DC? He did….

Jud & Grans

Jud’s Grandparents

And remember how I told you that my stomach is growing? It is….


  1. How stinkin’ cute are you?! How exciting to see you growing. And snow in Texas? That is crazy….and it wasn’t even our fault this time. How about that:)

  2. look at that cute belly all holding a baby!!!

    if you squint your eyes, grans looks like a small child next to jud.

    and just so you know, your city has officially gotten more snow than my city, and that’s just not right. what the?

  3. I love that tiny little baby belly! =) I’ve decided to refer to the baby as a boy at this point…until it’s been determined. Remember the things I bought for “Isaac Tuohy”! Well, if you have a son, they will be yours/his! =) I was thinking…now that baby boy Macky tasted my toffee, he’ll never be the same. I just better fix you up with a supply and a recipe. =) Thanks for the excellent fellowship yesterday…what a blast I had! Happy Sunday.

  4. Oh so cute belly! And snow in Texas! WOW, you have gotten more snow than we have!
    Katie Meester

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