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Today we went in for checkups on both kids.  Here’s a run down of where we’re at:

Gideon is 25 percentile for height (although it was his first standing up check and he doesn’t really know how to stand up straight yet…the doc said she thinks he is probably closer to 50th than 25th.  Either one is fine with me), 10-12 percentile for weight (yeah!  He’s back on the chart!), and they no longer check his head circumference because he is too old.  Can you believe that? He is too old for it.  Amazing.  They also pricked his finger to check his lead levels.  I’m guessing he’s unleaded.  

Piper is 75 percentile for height (woot!  Tall girl baby! This explains why all of the 3 months sleepers aren’t long enough anymore), 50 percentile for weight (And this explains why all of the 3-6 and 6 months sleepers are so roomy in the middle), and 25 percentile for head circumference.  My kids have peanut heads.  What can I say? Everything looked good except that one of her hips may be coming out of the socket when it is rotated.  We go for an ultrasound tomorrow to see if the clicking in her hip is something serious or not.  Please pray for a correct diagnosis and that Piper will not have any hip problems.  

Both of them did very well when poked and prodded.  Gideon got a little scared while on the table and teared up when they pricked his finger.  Nothing a trip to visit Papa at work couldn’t fix (and if that didn’t do it, visiting the woof woofs did).  Piper just smiled through her exam, except when they put her diaper back on (she loves naked time and clearly did not get enough of it while getting weighed).  I continue to love our doctor and her amazing ability to reassure and caution at the same time.  She is tops.  


Sweet.  It's true.

Sweet. It's true.

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  1. my kids have tiny heads too! I think it rocks. although Pearl’s has now dropped below the 10th percentile and I could tell the dr was confused because normally they’re supposed to tell you to worry about that but everyone can tell she’s just fine.

    Glad you all had a good appointment. Keep us updated on that hip thing 🙂

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