Closing Down the Shop

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We are one week away from my departure to Omaha. By this time next week, I’ll be at my parent’s place and my dad will be in the air to Dallas. I’m going to fly up with Gideon while Jud and my dad will drive the van and cars up on Thursday (pray that he is a good little traveler).

In the meantime, we are packing.

Jud has done the bulk of the packing, but I am helping out as best as I can. Maybe that’s an overstatement. I could probably be helping more, but I think I get some sort of a pass for doing it with a baby attached to me. Right?

Packing up your house is the best way to realize that while you thought you were pretty good at keeping house, you are terrible at dusting. There is dust everywhere…behind all those books that were on the shelves, under the Xbox and covering those candles in the bathroom. Bathrooms are notoriously dusty and I guess it’s because of the toilet paper. I especially hate the dust that sits on top of the toilet paper holders. It may be my mission in life to clean those two little pieces of metal or porcelain because I find it incredibly satisfying to wipe them clean.

Jud has Gideon right now, as I’ve had him all day and it has been a strange one for him. He didn’t eat well this morning and then hasn’t slept well either. It would make me fussy too. Right now I’m pinning my hopes on what everyone says about how babies change a ton during the 6-7 week time frame. It’s not that he’s a bad baby or that he cries all the time because neither of these things are true. I’m just hoping for more normalcy, a good routine and the ability to be more productive. Since his 6th week coincides with the move to Omaha, I have pinned a lot of hope on our move. Maybe you have too.

Bonus: When no one else can soothe him, the light can almost always talk him down.


  1. What are you feeding that boy?! Do they have Nebraska style corn-fed beef in Texas? Based on his stretched out head-to-toe touching of the plaid chair, Gideon must have grown 4 inches since we left just three weeks ago! At this rate he will walk off the plane next week. I better go get a bigger red wagon for him to ride in when he gets here!

  2. I am praying for you in the move and transition of packing up your lives! I’m so excited for you to be back in Omaha with family and friends – and yes, hopefully some normalcy will come for both you and Gideon. Thanks again for all the awesome items you sent home with me when we were there. You guys are so great!

  3. Love the sling, Kim! That was (and still is) one of my most valuable “mommy must-haves”! Can’t wait to meet Gideon in person!

  4. It will be great to have you guys back at CBC. I look forward to meeting Gideon too. Since you will be back home, does this mean you are closing down the blog also? What would we do without your regular posts of witty commentary? Say it isn’t so!

  5. We hope the move goes well for you all! Praying for safety for all involved!

  6. Hope the move goes smoothly! Can’t wait to meet you back in Omaha and see baby Gideon!
    Katie M

  7. Ohh and I love the sling! I have an EllaRoo wrap and LOVE IT!! We use it for Evan when we are shopping and many other outings! Its great!

  8. that’s so funny about him and the light. my son preferred ceiling fans.

    I totally hear you about the toilet paper dust on the holder prongs!

  9. Other than the super cute pics of Gideon, I am not at all happy about this post. Not happy about those moving boxes. Not happy about that china being wrapped in packing paper. Not happy that you are leaving me very soon.
    ~Zan =(

  10. so, what am i supposed to say? i don’t know, but i knew it was time. yesterday was not a fun day! saying “goodbye” is never easy, especially when it involves some of God’s most obvious handy work in my life. but, i look forward to reading the upcoming chronicles…because i do know that i will feel connected by reading about your new journeys and gideon’s growth!! for some reason, your nebraska friends forgot that you were leaving behind friends here who would also like to follow your journey. =) i prayed and had others praying over your travels as well. will keep praying over the second exodus tomorrow…hopefully jud won’t mind when i give him a bear hug this time…the first official one was given at the birth of your most precious baby Gideon! =) love you!!!

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