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It’s over. 22 hours of comp time later and I’m spent.

Thank you board room for your cold cold air that kept us all awake.

Thank you cranky woman who orders the food for us for all of your ordering and keeping us from leaving the building.

Thank you bosses for coming in and repeatedly asking “are we done yet?”, constantly reminding us that we had not made enough head way.

Thank you coworkers who did not get on board and work loads of extra hours for at least we know that we did them correctly.

Thank you, my boss, for loaning me out to the other team so that I could work this hard (please, don’t let me go again!!).

Thank you coworkers who made me laugh so hard about things that are not funny at all outside of our conference room.

Thank you husband for all of your patience as I worked, worked, worked. You are my favorite.

Don’t be sad, Jud. Kim is home now!

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