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There are a few things I’d like to tell you about, some of which may not be at all interesting to you and the other stuff even less so, but, as always, feel free to skim.

I have not yet completed all of the thank you notes for presents people have given Gideon. I am a horrible thank you note writer, in spite of my extreme thankfulness. This is not my mother’s fault. She raised me right. I just can’t ever get my act in order to sit down and do them and then to deliver them. Every time I see the bag, I run for the computer and tell myself that I should be working, which I do (or sometimes I poke around on blogs and such, which is equal in weight to working versus thank you note writing, I think). At this point, I may just have Gideon write them himself. They’re his gifts anyway.

I submitted an online question to our bank about home loans today after I put together our budget for this next month. I think we are heart-wrenchingly close to actually putting the whole ‘home buying’ thing in gear. Makes me sweaty. It’s that whole debt thing. My entire life I’ve been trying to avoid it. Running from it by choosing a school where my mother worked for college (cha-ching!), furiously shredding any credit card application that came to rest in my mailbox, and paying off a car loan in less than half the time because having to write the check for the payment and put it in the mail is just as painful as parting with the money in the first place. I’m trying to remember to breathe.

Gideon loves being outside and all of the storms that moved through over the past few days have made the temperatures perfect for us to spend his awake time in the yard. He just sits and watches the leaves move in the breeze, studies the grass, and gets really excited about anything that flies. When we go back inside there is usually some protest crying or a little fist beating my chest. Jud has a half day tomorrow and we’re going to spend the afternoon (if it is not raining) outside somewhere.

Now I’d better go write some thank you notes….right after I do some work….which will be right after I read a couple of blogs.

If I can’t be outside, I’d rather be jumping.


  1. Cool picture of him jumping! And just breathe deep and jump right into that gargantuan home loan. You will be glad you did in the end.

  2. Baby “g” is huge! I’ve been MIA lately, because I got a big promotion at work in April (yes, I realize it was four months ago…it’s been a very long four months!).

    Good luck on the home-buying. Unfortunately, given that homes around us go for $700k, we’re not jumping on that train anytime soon.

  3. I love Gideon’s facial expresions in some of these pictures- the one at the end of the post about Jud’s job, so great!

    And I totally feel what youre saying about buying a house and being anti-debt. I am the same way about debt. A home is supposed to be good-debt but I just can’t wrap my mind around it. Nor can I wrap my mind around that amount of $$, at least around this area!

    Or maybe not owning a home is the last thing I have that says I’m not really a grown-up just yet 🙂

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