Contest 2008 Denouement

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Technically, nobody wins.  Although Kat, Poppy and Jud win for making me laugh.  Unfortunately making me laugh was not tied to a cash prize.  However, my respect will be doled out in heaps. 

Here’s the answer:

Just a year ago I was pledging my undying love for dishwashers.  Now, suddenly, I remember that they can turn on you at any second. Just one quick flip of a lid and all of your smoothie dreams can be gone in an instant.  AN INSTANT.  


  1. Jud: What happened to this thing?

    Kim: Did it get put on the top rack in the dishwasher?

    Jud: I think so…

    Kim: Hmm.

    Jud: So what happened?

    Kim: It fell on the coil on the bottom.

    Jud: Dang. (Apologies ensue)

  2. Kim: That’s okay. You’re way more important than a blender cap. I love you!

    Jud: Score.

  3. As a registered Florida voter, I demand a recount! I totally won this contest and demand an apology and the prize! “Art” is “art”, by any definition, and this melted cap is definitive proof that global warming exists.

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