Contest 2008

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A prize will be presented to the first person who can accurately guess what this is…

Update: 187 unique hits and only three guesses?!  Okay, people, here it is from another angle…

I’ll take guesses through tomorrow at noon.  

Wondering about that prize?  

Rest assured that it will be a gift card from which you can sip a delicious beverage.  

Mmmm.  Gift cards. 


  1. It’s art! I know art when I see it…

  2. My guess is a melted baby bottle, possibly Avent or Gerber brand?

  3. I believe it’s a burned plastic cup like the kind you can take on picnics that are disposable? Cool picture of it! 🙂

  4. Barack Obama’s Ash Tray?

  5. well it doesn’t look so much like a bottle now, just a melted plastic container or cup of some sort.

  6. Did someone try to use a plastic tumbler as a votive holder? And should we be concerned that Jud is apparently unaware of what happened?

  7. Perhaps it’s something plastic that was put in the microwave and obviously shouldn’t have been?

  8. Okay. Another guess. Since it’s obviously a meltdown of some sort, it must be Hillary’s election campaign bid!

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