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Tonight we went to a bbq that had to be moved inside due to impending rain and the humidity that rolled in with the storm clouds. There was an official agenda for the bbq, which was totally fine because people knew in advance that a presentation was going to be made. However some of the people apparently thought that the Q&A portion of the evening would be a good time to grill the presenters. It was a little odd. I hope that the presenters did not feel badly about the event.

While listening to the pitch, I was sitting next to Jud on a love seat and I’d started to feel kind of sick. A little tired. My face was swelling a little. My throat started to get scratchy. I started looking at the love seat and I saw it. Cat hair.

I did ten years of allergy shots (woot! woot!) but the air force refused to give me shots to immunize me toward cats (Doctor: “just stay away from them” Me: “that’s what I try to do, but when they are some place unexpected and I can’t breath, am I supposed to just stop breathing?” Doctor: “Bascially.”). So the cat hair is eating away at my sinuses and my lungs and I am feeling sorry for myself but, not wanting to interrupt the presentation, I keep sitting there. The nose is running. The eyes are too.

And then the choking began. Not me. Gideon.

His eyes were red and puffy. He couldn’t properly clear his air way.

He’s totally allergic to cats.

Good thing these don’t bother him…

Because we know who would win in this guy’s heart.


  1. wow, I didn’t know you could become allergic to things already as a newborn, that’s too bad! I was going to comment on your last post that that’s cool Gideon takes a paci and bottle now, as that can come in handy sometimes. sorry about the vomiting though. I’ve had those moments too. Maybe you can use your reverse psycology skills on him to make him do what you want. Maybe now that you said he is allergic to cats like you, he really won’t be! Wouldn’t that be nice if it really worked that way!

    we’re enjoying your blog posts, and glad to see you’re enjoying ours too, thanks for your comments! Yes, everyone needs a fanny pack 🙂

  2. That totally stinks!

  3. Cats are mostly evil, so it’s probably for the best that Gideon stays away from them. love ya, ronke

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