Dinner Table Talk

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Gideon is like most two year olds in that he has some interesting food quirks. He chooses to eat things randomly. Decides he doesn’t like something on a whim. Changes his mind about that thing the very next minute and usually protests that all of his food is too hot. None of this really applies to vegetables.  Vegetables he will eat, preferrably raw, any time.  And fruit. All fruit. I think we’ve covered that before. 

I have refused to battle him about food.  I will not launch any kind of orchestrated assault to get him to eat something. I know he’ll win.  I also know he’s eating plenty of things that are all sorts of colors even if the most beloved of those things comes in an orange Sunkist bag. [He gets a bag of fruit snacks a day.  The food coloring is fun for everyone.]

Tonight I put his food on his plate before we sat down and wondered if he’d eat more than the corn and peas but, as always, I didn’t say anything about it. We prayed and started eating and he immediately began proclaiming his love for corn. It’s GOOD! It’s NOT TOO HOT! It TASTES GOOD! Then, in a move I had not witnessed before, he announced that peas are icky. He would not be eating the peas. Okay. Fine.  No problem.

After a few helpings of corn, I suggested he give the chicken a shot, after all, I say, “You love chicken.” He suggests that he does not love chicken that chicken is much like peas in its icky-ness. Little did he know I held the trump card. “What about chicken nuggets?” I ask.  He thinks and then reminds me that we get those from MacDons. I agree with him but inform him that those pieces of pressed chicken parts are just differently cut pieces of chicken (Shut Up Morgan Spurlock).  He thinks.

And then he tries a bite and blesses the chicken as GOOD! not at all like the peas. This chicken is TASTY! even and he inhales the rest of what is on his plate, an additional helping and part of a third. While consuming the last of it, he tells us, “Mmm. Tastes good. Tastes like raccoon.”

I’ll have to add that to the list of things he enjoys. Trash eating freaky night animals. Tastes GOOD!


  1. Now you know what he is eating at Poppy’s and Mom-Mom’s house! A breakfast of raccoon and scrapple, with eggs of course, is pretty hard to beat.

  2. That’s hilarious!!! I could completely picure (and hear) this whole conversation as I was reading it. Love it. And yes, the bit about chicken nuggets…hahaha…all I could think about was the funny little diagram on SuperSize me of the whole chicken getting shoved through the nugget machine. Funny stuff.

  3. Racoons? that’s a good one!

    At least he loves fruits and veggies. Can’t really go wrong with that, right? Although I know protein and iron are important too, does he like beans? And the whole trying-new-things lesson is really the point, isnt it? That actually gets harder instead of easier as they get older, unfortunately (it’s not the same kind of battle, an older kid can easily obey the “take 1 bite” rule, but they seem much less likely to switch happily from liking one thing to another randomly once they are old enough to understand that somebody else doesn’t like X either, haha)

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