Dirty Little Secrets

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Not that long ago someone was over at our house and she noticed that my two food cabinets were a mess.  Not like that took any detective work or anything.  If I so much as peeked into there, I wouldn’t have been able to hide the jumbled contents of beans and pasta and Fiber One bars that had been haphazardly shoved inside.

It recently occurred to me that, the kind of behavior my children demonstrate when I ask them to put something in a drawer or closet or, ahem, cabinet, was terrible.  They were just shoving things and the holding them for long enough to get the door closed but not too long as to keep themselves from being able to shut said door.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnh8PwNQxqQ]

And here is where Oprah continues to haunt us…the AHA Moment struck me like that frying pan.

I suppose I have just never ever out grown it. My mom never made an issue out of it. It was a blessing when I was a child. I could throw all of my earthly possessions into my dresser, under my bed and into my closet and proclaim the room “Good enough!” and she would agree. It was good enough. And I am constantly in the ‘good enough’ state right now.

The busyness of life has made me cut out real organization for pseudo-organized. Everything is mostly put away, in closets and bins and drawers. But behind those facades was chaos. Ordinarily I would continue to hide all of this, especially from you, sweet, sweet interweb. If I am going to tell you all that is going on and chronicle the ins and outs of things you don’t really care about, but still come here to find, then I am going to show you.


Drawer #1 Before

Aak! And Tsk! The cabinet!

Those pictures were taken before 4pm on Monday.  After 4pm on Monday….they looked like this!!!

Drawer #1 AFTER! Woohoo!

Cabinet After! (mostly) Organized!

Now, I won’t shade the truth (why would I? I am showing you the status of master bathroom cabinets.  We are obviously pretty far into this circle of trust).  Somewhere in the middle of this project, while the children were playing a game that involved nail polish in their paramedic bags and my bed was the ambulance, I sort of gave up on going through absolutely everything and throwing out what I was never going to use. I’ll leave that for next year when I get back around to this situation again. In the meantime, I give myself a month before I’m randomly shoving things into these spots again.

What about you?  Are you a shover?  Do you have a drawer or two that you’d prefer company not see? Or are your cabinets the very picture of awesome (be careful, I’ll be calling you for help, organizational geniuses!).


  1. Great job organizing! I love organizing–it’s my stress reliever. I think my entrepreneurial job will be as a professional organizer.

  2. Oh man! I’m the same way! Shoving things out of sight has always been my MO. But Jan and I have started watching Hoarders on Netflix, and I’m starting to be wary of my hoarding tendencies 😀

  3. Oh boy. Love this. I need to send you some of my pictures. I’m definitely also in “good enough” mode. I keep telling people, “I used to be organized”. Ack!

  4. Currently my drop zone is our guest room. We have guests coming in a couple weeks so I should get tackling it! I don’t like clutter thanks to my dad who us the exact opposite of your mom so it is kind of fun to go through & organize my own stuff 🙂

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