Disappearances and Such

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So, I left again for a while, mostly  because I got all busy trying to get some other obligations taken care of.  It seems that I only have space for one extra thing at a time in my mind and schedule on top of all the mothering and wifery and home mechanics of the day. I would apologize to you, but I wouldn’t do it any other way either, so I suppose it’s just something we will all put up with until the day I have a maid or a personal chef or I’ve harnessed child labor more efficiently.

In the meantime, we’ve been up to lots of fun.  We got that slip and slide.  We took some videos and pictures of it.  I’ll put them up for you soon.

We’ve had lots of friends over for meals and to hang out and enjoy sharing our Legos and pink things. Gideon in particular has mastered the art of being an excellent host, giving tours of the house (And this is the garage….) and allowing other kids to build with his most prized possessions.

Currently we are hibernating against all of the ridiculous heat and pretty much not leaving the house unless it is super important (like having supper at a restaurant or buying paper products). The levels of energy are disturbingly high since we can’t really go run in the yard for hours because Mama will die. I let them play soccer in the house yesterday and it kind of helped but it was nothing like a park visit.  We’ll be trying to come up with exciting indoor activities for about another week or so until all this crazy heat passes. Any ideas of what we should add to our list?


  1. I’ll say to my husband: “We need a new maid!”. He’ll say: “What’s wrong with the one we got?” (Meaning me). We laugh. But oh how nice it would be to have a maid!

    Sorry I don’t have any tips for beating the heat with kiddos. I went to work!

  2. i vote for actual hibernation. you know, like bears do.

  3. Indoor slip and slide. Just pull out your extra towels.

    • Seems like the hallway at your place would be perfect for this. What time should we come over?

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