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I just wasted two hours of my life watching You’ve Got Mail again. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me or why TBS knows that I will watch movies that I would never ever own or rent over and over again and then cry at the end. I need to overcome my addiction. At least I was paying the bills while I was watching…right? Please give me some reassurance or I will just have to smash the tv all together. I seriously have those sorts of thoughts… I’m sure this is not reassuring to my husband who wishes our box was bigger and fancier, especially when sporting events like March Madness, or, more importantly, the Super Bowl come to call, but I have this inner loathing for the thing. I’m sure that if I give in to the robot voice in my head that urges me to get rid of it, I will also start making my own clothes and forcing us to eat granola all the time.

Speaking of granola. This was my delicious breakfast today. It was called a Prom Cake and let me tell you, I felt just like I was at prom, except without all the hairspray and bobby pins. Anyway, it had bananas and walnuts and granola and pancake all rolled onto one glorious plate. Look and desire:

Too delicious to finish.

This was Jud’s tasty breakfast burrito. He ate it all.

We actually got up and out of the house in time to eat breakfast somewhere. Isn’t that wonderful? Okay, so it’s not that wonderful because I think I saw a sign that said they serve breakfast all day on Saturdays, but I still felt pretty good about it all. I’m going to write a review of our dining experience. I’m really picky about restaurants and food and things and Jud suggested I start blogging restaurant reviews. He’s right. We’ll fill you in once the site is up and running.

This was Law & Coffee:

My husband, though doubting the reasons for being in seminary at all, still studies and reads and learns and thinks because he is so dutiful and because he has so much dang character. I could learn something from this.

The Legal Grounds people should learn to not put dog lamps in dangerous places because somebody broke this poor things tail off and laid it under him in some odd sort of apology.

In other dog related news, dalmatians love jam and salsa.

The guy on the far right in this picture loves LOTR. He loves it so much he went to a convention where someone was mispronouncing Elvish names and let me tell you to not do this at an LOTR convention because they will totally put a cap in your, well you get the picture.

Still studying and learning. Even as I type this now.

Last night we went out for burgers to the same place I mentioned that I went to with my friends from work. I obviously really liked the place as, after driving home at 4:00 on Friday, through the terrible traffic jam that is 75 on a Friday afternoon, we got back on it just before 6:00 and made our way back to Richardson. It took a while, but we got there.

It was delicious.

Jud’s food.

My food.

Kay came by to hang out with us for a while and that was also delicious.

Then we went home and I laid on the floor moaning about my full belly. It was not as delicious.

For everyone who’s counting, yes, we are blowing our eating out budget this month and please shut your mouths because we did not spend the money on plane tickets or gas for the car on a fun spring break trip to see our friends. We are going a little crazy down here and have to get out of this place. Jud’s sort of feeling all The Shining and I’m a little twitchy myself. Throw us a bone here.


  1. hi guys! it’s fun to read your blog, your life seems so exotic compared to us busy with 2 kids. Kim, I agree about smashing the tv. We’ve gone our whole marriage without tv and we love it. Luke has adjusted to life without sports, or he can listen on the radio or internet. And we do rent movies sometimes, but overall it is lovely not having tv.

  2. and we don’t eat granola or make our own clothes… yet.

  3. Luke & Kit are posting on our blog! Hi, Luke! Hi, Kit! Hi adorable little spawn of the two!! Our life may look exotic, but that is mostly illusion. Do not stare directly at the blog, or you may get sucked into our crazy. Not that we are crazy. Shhh. Anyway, Jud told me that you posted and I got all excited to post back to you but don’t really want to reveal things about you in a post because, hello, Kim, privacy and all of that. Not that we pay attention to the privacy of our friends here, because we clearly post pictures of them without allowing them to review them first, sometimes much to their chagrin.

    I’m proud of your tv stance. The tv is a huge waste of time and I wish it didn’t make my mind all mushy. I’m pretty sure that’s why a lot of old people loose touch with reality. All those pixels dancing in front of their eyes makes them forget to think and then they just get a little vacant. If we don’t throw the thing out when we get a kid, I’m pretty sure I’ll be forced to smash it then, but that’s only because of how much I despise children’s television programming. I’ll teach those cartoons a thing or two.

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