Don’t Worry Phil!

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Due to the doctor’s dropping the C-word on me without test results in hand, my parents sent me flowers. Beautiful, beautiful Pro-Flower roses! They last fo-evah and evah and evah evah. Being that they are totally over the top in showering down their love, my parents sent me three dozen flowers. Mom called to let Jud know they’d been delivered (he was locked up in the new office/old bedroom working and working and learning and learning).

Jud didn’t find three dozen roses. Instead he found…

One dozen.

Two dozen.

Three dozen.

(I have every intention of posting pictures of the gorgeous things, but blogger is being a total snot about loading them. You’ll have to just imagine them in your mind.)

And, in addition to the lovely note from my parents, a note from Phil.

‘I’m sorry for the other day. I hope that you can forgive me. You mean so much to me that I can’t lose you. I love you more than you imagine and it wasn’t done on purpose. Phil’

Oh Phil, all is forgiven.

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