Dooms Day aka The Day in which you click on these Links

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We’ve been anticipating this day for a few reasons:

1. Iran is crazy.
2. I’ve been working where I work for one whole entire year.
3. Jud is being officially reviewed for his one year anniversary of working from home.
4. My parents will board a plane back to reality later today from here.
5. Hello? Iran is CRAZY!


  1. Update

    #1 – No missiles…yet.

    #2 – Celebrated with an emotionally charged ladder climbing crowd that may be overly concerned with themselves. The quality of my work was put into question. It rocked.

    #3 – Went very well and Jud had no reason to sweat it.

    #4 – It’s only 7am there right now. I’m guessing they aren’t thinking about #5 at all.

    #5 – I hear it’s supposed to happen at night. It’s getting late there now. Hold on, kiddos!

  2. Regarding #3 it is never fun to be put under the microscope but when put under the microscope and then given more money, suddenly mircoscopes seem like a nice place to find myself under.

  3. Oh, we were THINKING about reality, but we weren’t looking forward to re-entry. No more drinking our morning Kona coffee on the 15th floor of a 4-star hotel overlooking Waikiki beach; instead, it’s Folgers on the porcelain throne in our mortgaged home in midwest suburbia.


  4. I want to buy you a beautiful papaer clock, but I can not afford such luxuries, sorry you have a poor nerdy friend. KO

  5. oh, ko, you are not so poor, not so nerdy. just poor enough and nerdy enough for me to be friends with. one day you shall climb atop the ivory tower, or at least to the glass ceiling that keeps women (especially those of color) in their place (disclaimer: that was a joke. please lighten up people who read this blog in secret) and you shall buy clocks for everyone beneath you whenever you get the urge. You shall be a benevolent climber and yet still nerdy. That is why I will continue to call you my friend (Band will always be your favorite, didn’t you know?).

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