Double Booking

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Last Tuesday night I went to the Women’s Kick Off event at our church. I met a bunch of women, chose a study to attend and tried not to look as tired as I felt. Shortly after the official presentation, a woman, about my age, came over and introduced herself. We set up a coffee date for tonight at 7pm.

On my way home a professor’s wife called me and asked if I would teach a Sem Wives Bible Study. I agreed to do it, but the catch is that there is a meeting for the leaders at 7pm tonight.

Last night, Jenn called my (then battery drained) cell phone (after she woke up from a long nap and while I was still taking mine 🙂 to see if we could do coffee tonight at 7pm.

Sorry, Jenn! I will have to put off our meeting. But what do I do about the double booking for coffee and the meeting tonight? I am stumped.

Here’s this nice woman who really seemed like she wanted to meet and on whom I do not want to flake out and then I have this other thing that needs me to be there if I’m going to teach Wednesday night…might need a little more info about anyone who signed up for the study already…details about things of which I am currently ignorant…but the woman is just one woman and as such, the coffee seems more important because the meeting will happen even with someone missing…and I did schedule the coffee first (Can you see my mind running in furious circles? Do you taste the burning?).

I think the only answer is to call Greta (who is going to the meeting and can probably fill me in on the details I’ll miss and would most likely collect any information that I need and could tell them all that I am not a flaky person but just double booked myself. Although, I don’t think she knows me enough to know I am not flaky. And then again, this is not the first time I’ve double booked myself and maybe that reveals a pattern in my life that proves my flakiness. Yes. Yes. That’s true. I am flaky and I suppose now quite a number of people will know the truth. Well, just the other women who are teaching. There’s really not too many of them. Oh yeah, and all of you.)


  1. I suggest that you pour a glass of wine, relax and skip both of the meetings and laugh a smug little laugh at 7:00 but then again I have never been know for good advice.

  2. I’m sure it’s way too late for advice tonight – I’m hoping that you went for the coffee and proceed to get the info from the meeting from someone else:)

  3. Now that it is all said and done, I have had the opportunity to read your blog. =) I’ll not hold it against you that you chose not to meet with me. But, I do expect you to keep your word for lunch on Wednesday…but, please allow me to revoke mine if my schedule turns out to be conflicting! =) Hope the meeting went well. I’m sure I’ll get the scoop over lunch. =) By the way, is it possible that I’m already catching something nasty in the big D? My ear, nose and throat are reminding me of something from last winter!!! I better call the elders and request some laying on of hands. =) Oh wait…that’s right…what elders? I have no church family right now!!! AAGGHHH!! =) Tootles for now.

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