Easter, Showers, Parties and Tums

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How many times have you checked this site and been disappointed to see that same old post?

Me too!

Anyway, the past week or so was spent preparing for things like people to replace me, seeing the doctor, pre-registering for delivery, for a friend’s birthday party and not very much for supper. I do really love to cook, but lately, ever since the acid reflux induced choking began after meals, I’ve lost my appetite. I could seriously not eat anything until I give birth now because the pain afterwards is that off-putting.

Something I did make this week……grilled cheese and soup. Don’t worry, I know better than to eat tomato based (aka acid filled) items. The soup was just for Jud, but one of those sandwiches had my name all over it.

I made some cheesecake and Rick’s Recipe Salsa for Ronke’s birthday party on Saturday night. She opened this gift from another friend and we all burst into laughter. It was a plaque commemorating the opening of one of the rooms of her house. It’s not funny to people who don’t know her and the story behind it all, so I won’t try to explain, but I thought Jud did a good job capturing her anticipatory elation and that it should be shared.

I probably should have warned you about this one, but there IT is. The behbeh belly.

It is big and it is often lopsided as I’m pretty sure he thinks that he’s supposed to make his grand entrance through a hole he will create somewhere on my right side, just under my lowest rib. After meals, he usually attempts to burrow his way out over there. So, yeah, he’s still transverse and that’s not so great in terms of him making his first appearance soon. We’ll get an ultrasound on Wednesday to check out his position and see where the placenta is hanging out these days. We were there last Wednesday and I have put on a total of 26lbs, prompting congratulations from the OB (can you tell I am not going to let this go?). He also reminded us to call him if anything was feeling out of the ordinary or if there was anything we had questions about.

Then we took our paperwork and pre-registered for the upcoming hospital stay. It was a little surreal to do that, but it was good too.

In the 100% not surreal category, we celebrated Easter with fried chicken, biscuits and a very long nap. It was awesome.


  1. 26lbs!! That is awesome! WTG!
    Well I hope this little guy desides to move down for you soon!! That would be nice of him!
    I can’t believe you are almost done already!! Keep us posted!!
    Katie M

  2. Congrats on the friend chicken. that looks good. I totally know what you mean about running out of room to eat near the end of a pregnancy and everything acid-ing back up. I know all the TUMS flavors.

    26 pounds, very great! See, that jump your doctor was worrying about months ago was totally normal. you’re making out just perfect (many women don’t gain any more weight the last 3-4 weeks, although the baby gains a lot. who knows how that works.)

    Jesse was transverse until the end too, he used to stand up in there and it looked like I had a watermellon in my shirt! He’ll turn at the last minute, don’t worry.

    We’re thinking of you during this last month, I know it can be a long one! Take care!

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