ER Take Two

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Late yesterday afternoon, while playing outside with some neighborhood kids and enjoying the slip-n-slide, Gideon walked into a hole.  Not a big hole.  A hole created by a ground squirrel.  A tiny hole that fits a tiny leg just perfectly.  And then he refused to put any weight on it.  

Shortly before the fall….

We took him back inside and attempted to feed him things he loves – cheddar brat – broccoli – banana – muffin.  He ate okay, but not like he usually does (which is about twice as much as you would ever expect a 15 month old to consume). He seemed much calmer, so we attempted to let him walk again.  Both feet on the hardwood, three steps and then collapse.  He was crying and seemed to be in quite a bit of pain after our experiment.  So off we went to the emergency room.

It’s been a little over a month since we took him in with the broken arm.  I was gearing up for CPS visits and interrogating questions.  I was sweating about it, really, wondering if they’d do a home visit, preparing myself for the.absolute.worst. 

We finally get back into a private room to wait for the doc and he comes in happy and warm.  We tell him what happened.  He feels around a bit.  He takes Gideon from me so that he can walk back over to me and we can all see what happens.  And he walks runs back to my arms without so much as a limp. Then he plays shy for a little bit and the doctor pronounces him fine.  No x-rays, of course, because he’s using it without any problems.  

Even though I was pretty sure something was wrong, I’ll still gladly pay $150 to not have a broken legged baby. Whew. 


  1. Wow, the joys of having a little boy. Glad he’s ok!

  2. My goodness! Good thing your heart is healthy. =) Can I just say that I just want to squeeze his little cheeks?! I mean, seriously, when did little boys get to be so cute?! =) So, it’s officially been too long since we’ve seen eachother. I’m going to have to mastermind a plan. I’ll fill you in when I have one. =) Love you all!!!!

  3. Glad Gideon is okay…though I know that gave you quite a scare, but surely, CPS could be reasonable about how much little boys can get into. Heck, little girls too for that matter. I am the sole reason my parents met their insurance deductible every year!

  4. nice chair;)

  5. whew is right! so glad he’s ok. You should’ve seen my stomach flip when I heard Jesse’s scream today “AHHHHHHHH, I fell on my arm again, I fell on my arm again!” just hours after getting his cast off. He had fallen and SCRAPED his arm… the other one. I could’ve broken it for him 😉

  6. Glad he is ok! CPS in Nebraska is a little OVER the top. I am happy no one came to your house, because sadly its not uncommon here.

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