Europe Wins

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Our friends, Martin, Hansy and Isabel took us Frisbee-Golfing or Folfing as some might say. Let me tell you that Jud and I are t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e. at this sport. We had a great time with them and so enjoyed eating out at Sonic afterwards too.

Here’s the play by play…

The Americans are up first. He takes his stance toward the back of the launch pad. He’s got some power behind it, but it’s no good! He’s out of bounds and frankly, I doubt we’re ever going to see that disc again.

Now it’s the European’s turn and you can just feel the ease with which they work. See the long lines and easy grace? They’ve really mastered the game.

Uh, oh, it looks like only one of the European’s discs made it over the ravine, but neither of the Americans. I’d say things are getting interesting, but let’s get real about this, there’s no way the Americans can come back now.

With the Americans down by, oh, somewhere in the twenties, things start melting down. The American’s trash talk finally gets the best of the Europeans and they lash out.

Tempers are again under control and things are looking up for the Americans now (you, know, since the end of the course is in sight).

Consolation Prize: Getting your dignity back.

Grand Prize: Kisses from Isabel.


  1. Oh, what a wonderful play by play! Looks like you guys had so much fun!! =)

    Brandon will be excited to read this post also, as he occasionally plays Disc Golf with my dad (who is pretty serious about this game). They both have Disc Golf “bags” to carry their discs!! I’ve tried to play a few times, but it’s just pathetic & when I spin around to throw, things giggle on me that shouldn’t…hahaha!!

    Look forward to seeing you guys again soon…We sooooo enjoyed Easter!!

    Lots of love, Zan

  2. Looks like you all had a BLAST! What cute pictures! By the way, are those new gauchos? =) Leave it to me to notice such a detail.
    Looking forward to Bible study tomorrow night…it feels like last Thursday was a long time ago.

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. I love Disc Golf. It’s the sport of real men (and women too, of course!).

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