Experiment: Day 5

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Full star day.

How it happened…

The kids slept in late.  If you are in college right now, you would define that as 11am. If you are the mother of a tiny baby, you would define late as 6am. They are technically toddlers (although there is no one toddling around here.  It’s full on running. We should rename this snippet of life runners.  It would be so much more appropriate) so late means 6:30 and 7:15.  It was a nice lazy morning.

They made and consumed cheesy biscuits. They played blocks and ponies and then Mama lost all the feeling on the left side of her body and eventually the vision in her left eye.  We retreated to the television so that I could close my eyes and know that no one was leaping from banisters or consuming non-consumables.   They watched a couple of episodes of The Berenstein Bears. They ate lunch. Piper napped.

Gideon and I woke her up and we all slathered sunscreen on before trekking over to the pool. They played and played and snacked and played.  Then we ate supper and a few bites into his hamburger, Gideon asked if he could just go straight to bed.  Who says no to that?

He was in bed and sleeping way before 7. She was right behind him.

Exhaustion achieved.

Star received.

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  1. It’s the sun! That blessed sun! It does the wearing out so mothers don’t have to. It’s been my secret weapon lately. Yay for a full star day!

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