Experiment: Day I Can’t Remember

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I’m not that good with counting days – of any kind. For the first three years we were married, I couldn’t remember Jud’s birthday correctly.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  Look! You don’t have to remember the anniversary of our first date or when we went to that one place or the other or our wedding day and all that.  In return, I will forget to purchase cards and gifts for you.  That last part is the curse.  I’m just terrible about it and I know I’m not supposed to be since I am a GIRL, but I’ve just kind of come to terms with it.  I used to stress out about it but never actually alter my behavior.  I don’t stress about it anymore. I figure the fact that I make our kids floss their teeth every night is more important than remembering to make them cards for their half birthdays.  Their dentist will be happy at least.


They earned all seven stars.  They are happy. I have so enjoyed the peace and am looking forward to holding the use of the Slip N Slide over their heads as a daily reward for helping their sibling.  And they did this amazing amount of helping each other over these past seven, eight, nine days.  Today he helped her make her bed. She helped him pick up all the Legos. They both helped put laundry away. No one was sentenced to their room until the Warden came home for dinner to release them.

I will be making a trip to the store with them tomorrow to purchase the Slip N Slide.

There is a chance for rain the next two days.

We’ll play with the box while we wait.  We love boxes.

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