Fairies, Hearts and Rainbows

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Yesterday, when I got home from work, Jud and I went to scary Wal-Mart and bought some essentials – Clear American (Becca & Tawnya – I am hooked), a new pink razor, super glue and olive oil. McGuyvre essentials.

Then it was off to the Club of Sam to get chicken and milk (almost a whole dollar cheaper!) and things. Then it was five o’clock in the PM.

We raced back through little Mexico to our hot apartment and I got to cookin. Roasting red peppers, chopping up an onion, squeezing fresh oranges, heating up some cumin and cinnamon. Let me tell you, it was smelling delicious! Then Poppy came home from the Sem and took a little nap while Jud put the chicken on the mini-grill.

Time to eat and it was not quite as good as I remembered it…I blame the lack of proper help in the kitchen (last time I had some very artistic hands crafting this dish with me). It was still good, even if Jud had to pick out the raisins to eat separately (He has a “No sweet with meat” policy that I believe is either totally Communistic or highly American. Either way, I cannot suffer the injustice of banning all fruit from all meat. How can anyone be so judgmental about fruit? Are the fruit not EQUAL to the meat? If you cook them, do they not taste as delicious? If you cut into both, will they not get juice on you? I will not stand for this kind of food segregation any longer. Free at last. Free at last! Praise Emeril Lagasse, the FRUIT ARE FREE AT LAST!)

We did a quick rinse of the plates and set off for the land of wealth, which is exactly three streets over from us and contains some of the most beautiful houses and landscaping in all of [downtown] Dallas. We were moving at a good clip and made it back home with a nice sweat. A shower and some water and I was hard at work on work. Turns out homework doesn’t stop when degrees are in hand and I was up until eleven working on a spreadsheet.

Did you notice what I hadn’t done yet? Hint: My favorite thing. Second Hint: The thing I like to whine about and you hate reading about.

Yes! Yes! The dishes!

They were only rinsed. They were piled in the sink and lo, beside as well. I knew the roaches would love that sink while I slept. They would come out of their hiding places and put their giant antenna all over my things. But I still couldn’t bring myself to wash those dishes. I just could.not. So tired. So Sleepy. I went to bed.

This morning, as I braced myself for seeing one of those Boric Acid Immune pests, I flipped on the light. And what to my wandering eyes did appear than a rack full of dishes and nothing to fear. I threw open the fridge door and prepared for the day, believing that roaches were far far away. I made my dad’s sandwich and laughed as I did, smiling to myself that all the dishes were finished and I DIDN’T WASH THEM.

(Thank you, Dad! Please don’t leave yet. We will miss you! The roaches, on the other hand, are packing your bags.)

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