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There are always questions that people ask over and over again that new moms wish they could print on a t-shirt and just point to the appropriate answer. Here’s my t-shirt:

1. Were you too late to get an epidural? – Nope. Although the last two deliveries were indeed undertaken with an epidural firmly in place, they were also different in that I had pitocin on board after my water broke while I wasn’t in active labor. Since I’d already had medical intervention (the Pit), I was also for the idea of a pain killer. With Gideon I tried to not have an epidural and the complete lack of a break between contractions mixed with the constant pain was too much for me. I took a narcotic first and just felt drunk so then I went all in with an epidural. When I wound up on Pitocin with Piper, I knew we were headed to that same dark place and had the epidural pretty quickly. This time, since my body finally did the right thing and WENT INTO LABOR, I went with it and let it do its thing without any intervention.

2. Would you do it again without drugs? – Absolutely….if I don’t need Pitocin. The recovery was swifter and simpler and frankly I just felt better. Additionally, Greer seemed much more alert and those first two nights in the hospital seemed very much like the other nights I’ve been spending at home with her. In other words, she was herself right away. That’s a plus for me. BUT if I needed to be induced or my body once again decided to not go into labor on it’s own but my water was broken and the dread Pitocin was coursing through my veins, I’d be all over a needle in my spine.

3. Did you like the midwives? – Did I?! It was pretty routine during most of my appointments throughout the pregnancy. Maybe they spent more time with me than the average OB, but for the most part things were pretty standard. The labor process was completely different. I felt like I had an advocate directing the process and a guide walking me through the whole experience. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone, but especially to a first timer who wants to be helped through labor by a professional.

4. How are you feeling? – Pretty good. Somedays I feel so good that I try to figure out how to get running again sooner than six weeks out. And then there was yesterday where I vacuumed and started passing blood clots and bleeding too much. So, I’m sitting down now. And my house looks kind of crazy (think laundry piles and coats and blankets randomly strewn about), but we’re okay and the bleeding has calmed down considerably.

5. How’s Greer doing? – She’s a normal two week old. She is starting to be awake more but her days and nights are mixed up, so I am not all that excited about that development. She eats awesomely and frequently. Her diaper changes are not filled with screaming, so she doesn’t mind being cold too much. She had a bath the other night and she loved it.

6. Are you getting any sleep? – Yes, but 45 minutes spurts through the night are less fun for me. When my parents or Jud are at home, I try to speak up and ask them to hold her while I grab a nap, but sometimes I’m trying to get too much done instead of just resting and knowing that all the ‘stuff’ can wait.

7. How are the kids doing with the new baby? – Really well, all things considered. Gideon has declared a few times that he’s glad she is a girl and that he loves her. Piper talks to her like a sweet little Mama with lots of kisses and loving back pats. In the not so great category, Gideon has been a little wilder here and at school and Piper has been talking in an odd baby language that mostly contains the words “cake” and “coke”. I think both of these oddities will subside in due time.

8. What do you want to eat? – Everything. I am starving. Bring of the carbs and protein and lots and lots of vegetables. I am especially in love with yellow squash, zucchini and dark chocolate. I want orange julius and cranberry juice with sierra mist. I want to go to this event tonight where Rick Bayless is cooking. Instead I am making tuna casserole. It’s surprisingly delicious.

Anything I missed?

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