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Tonight is our church’s annual non-halloween-(but totally halloween)-night. We lovingly call it the Fall Festival and it has been a staple in my life nearly every year I’ve lived in Omaha.

Somehow, I only distinctly remember a few of the costumes I’ve worn to the event.  There was the year I was a punk rocker (technically, this was the year before the Fall Festival entered my life.  It was highly reminiscent of my kindergarten career day outfit when I went to school as Cyndi Lauper (I did not want to be just any punk rocker.  I wanted to be HER.  Genius). And then everything gets foggy until sixth or seventh grade when I was an old lady.  There were about five girls who came as babies.  We had our picture taken together and it is somewhere in the bowels of the church building now.  And then it’s all fuzzy again. And then I stopped wearing costumes.  I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m guessing it had something to do with time and effort.

Last year we threw a costume party (also non-halloween-[but totally halloween]) and I went as Angelina Jolie.  I was pregnant with Piper, had a black dress I could still fit into and a bunch of baby dolls of various ethnicities shoved into the baby sling on my back. If I’d taken a picture of it, I’d show you now, but I was only behind the camera that night.

(Oh, look! Pictures of other people from that night!)


Mac & PC

Gift Card Winners - Mail Lady and Penguin

Gift Card Winners - Mail Lady and Penguin


He was closing a deal. It's what salesmen do. The best salesmen.

The Fall Festival is tonight.  We’ll be hauling the kiddos up for some games and fun.

Gideon will be re-inacting this (but hopefully with more enthusiasm):


Piper will be re-inacting this (but hopefully with less vomiting):


I haven’t even asked Jud if he was planning on dressing up.  He likes to be really different and typically something that nobody else is.  Maybe he’ll be a Husker Fan with hope.  I haven’t seen any of them around lately.

I was hoping to go as a younger, leaner, more sanctified version of myself, but when I woke up this morning, my costume had not yet arrived.  Maybe next year!

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