Fewer and Farther Between

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You poor neglected blog. I used to spend so much time with you, lovingly composing prose that would bring you readers. I would sit for hours to work on your template and think of ways to improve your appearance. Then I would add pictures and make sure you looked nice for the day. Sigh. Those days are gone.

Now I have replaced you with a swelling belly, making meals for events, designing things graphically and working at the office. These are wonderful things but they have slowly edged you out. I’m sorry, little guy. Maybe one day soon, you will once again be the apple of my eye…but I wouldn’t hold my breath. There is too much of a chance that “one day soon” will be months and months away. In the meantime, I will give you snippets of all that has happened.

Jud turned the big two five last week and we had a little party that I forgot to take pictures of because I am totally forgetful of the photo-taking when there are friends around. I did make two cakes – one made of cheese and topped with cherries and the other made of spices and topped with mocha frosting. I loved them both. The spice cake is still sort of with us, but I’m making quick work of saying goodbye to it. Jud got a few presents and some cards and a lot of emails and phone calls, all of which are such nice ways for people to remember you and that is the nicest thing for your birthday, to be remembered.

We had a potluck with our neighbors last week and it went really well…lots of talking and plenty of advice for me from the L&D nurses who live next door (and from the one mama who lives here too). The best part was that the super pretty neighbor, who I believe bears a striking resemblance to that girl on Lost, only prettier, was talking about needing a new job and I was all, ‘how about you come temp for me while I am gone?’ And she said ‘yes!’ And I said ‘Send your resume!’ And then she did and now she is all but hired. Hoorah!

I also took a meal to our Sunday school friends who had a baby the Saturday before. He is very cute and I got some more pointers on L&D, which is fabulous.

My tooth is fixed! But I accidentally gave them the wrong insurance info. They will need the right stuff to resubmit (duh! – This is the squishy baby brain…he is sucking out all my smarts!).

We ordered an interactive dvd to learn all about ‘birthin some babies’ because we waited a really long time to figure out when to take a birthing class and also because they are stupid expensive. We paid a third of that cost for the dvd and then we can refer back to it whenever we’d like, possibly while in the delivery room and my brain flat lines.

We went to the doctor today and he was all ‘you look great’ and ‘you look glowy’ and I was all ‘you are late’ and then in a funk for a while because I am tired of showing up early and then not being seen for 45 minutes. He was all ‘sickness and procedures are not always punctual’ and I was all ‘okay.’ Inside, however, I was all ‘be better at scheduling!’ I was under 150 today, which means that I am fine in the weight world, and frankly, if I wasn’t officially fine according to the scale, I was just going to tell the doctor that I look awesome for someone who is eight months into this process, but then he said so himself. Maybe I should dial down the crazy.


  1. The pictures of the baby look great! I too went to the baby doctor yesterday and I arrived early and still had to wait 45 minutes to see the doctor! That seems to happen quite frequently, but those visits will soon be over–for both of us! 🙂 Good luck with everything!

    –Cheryl Bear

  2. very funny post! I’m glad you are feeling well and are on track with your pregnancy, and found someone to cover your job, and got your tooth fixed, those are all awesome things! I always had to wait for my doctor too. why are they like that? I guess they’ve just never been pregnant. they ought to be careful with who they’re messing with 🙂

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