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So, the past four months I’ve been keeping my secret from you, Internet, and now I can finally post the things I’ve been thinking…well, most of them anyway.

This week I am sixteen weeks pregnant (which means that the baby is 14 weeks…yeah, I didn’t get how all that worked before either. Just never really thought about how the weeks were counted. Also important to know is that it’s 40 weeks of pregnancy, not just the 36 weeks that everyone calls 9 months and gives pregnant people a false sense of the finish line. It’s a full 9 months. You have to finish the 9th month. Good to know) which means that the baby is still pretty small but my belly is getting pretty big. The last time we were at the doctor’s office he reminded me that “all of this” (makes swirling motions with his hand over my poochy tummy) is “just water” and that my uterus is “way down here” somewhere still south of my belly button. Thank you, Doctor I used to like. You are only encouraging the crazy thoughts in my head. Not helpful. Mmmmkay?

I can’t be too mad at him though, since he did give us this…

BehBeh at 12 weeks

So, we are having a baby and we are very happy and the only issue I’ve got with all of it is that I have to buy clothing that I won’t be able to wear for years and years.

Here are the answers to your questions:

– The baby is due on May 14th.
– We are going to find out if he/she is a her or a him.
– We’ll let you know when we know.
– The last week I can fly anywhere is the first week of February, so if you’re hoping to see us after that, you’re just going to have to come to Dallas.
– I didn’t throw up a lot during the first trimester but I felt sick everyday.
– I was exhausted all of the time, but I feel a little better now.
– I’d never had a UTI before the baby, but I’ve had two since.
– UTIs are terrible and should be banished from all the earth.
– I don’t have any strange cravings, although I do have food aversion (red sauces, certain meats).
– I will post pictures of my growing stomach as soon as we download them from the camera.

Did that cover it?


  1. I think this is the first time I’ve ever posted on your blog! I had to tell you how excited that I am that you are going to have a baby. Rebecca told me when I talked to her last week and I’ve been thinking about you ever since. It’s only eleven more hours until I leave my current home to return to the old one. I hope to see you guys over Christmas. Love you!

  2. YEAH!!! Congrats! I am sooo excited for you! I can’t wait to find out if he or she is a him or her! So can you come back to Omaha for a baby shower!!???! I hope so! Either way I am going shopping for you! Any reason to go shopping, especially baby shopping is fun fun! Let us know where you are registared! You left that one out!!!
    And in case you care! LOL, The one thing I wouldn’t live without for baby is the baby swing! It is a God send especially when you are trying to cook, clean etc!

    Katie Meester

  3. Oh My WORD!!!! Kim and Jud, It is Dec. 4th and I thought I would read the 2 weeks of blogs that I haven’t kept up with. YEAH, Your having a BABY. I just am beside myself. I’m so excited for you both, I could just scream. Ok I will. Hailey and Toby are trilled also. We want to see pictures every week of that cute belly:) I bet your parents are just so happy. I will be praying for you both. How exciting this is and I can’t wait to tell Jamey. We miss and love you guys. Tammie for the Moore 5 😉

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