Finishing Up

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So, my dad has been here since Sunday night and we have been celebrating school, since Jud has one summer class that he attends and two that are online and Dad is here to go to a class and will be back next month for more.

I, however, no longer believe in hi-er edjumucatin. After listening to the rehash of bizarre pontifications from their professors, I realize that higher education, while mostly good, is also quite a bit about filtering out the false and the pride and the crazy and finding the truth in spite of all the classroom time. I’m proud of Dad and Jud for spending lots of time, energy and money (okay, so the picks up the tab for dad, but who’s counting? Uh, I guess, I am.) on getting their Master’s degrees, but I’m just really glad that I’m not going to class with them. I’d totally freak… least twice a semester.

By the end of the summer, Jud will have 36 graduate credits under his belt.

Dad will have finished all of his requirements for graduation.

And neither will have lost it on their profs.

Makes me proud.

Celebrating at the Cheesecake Factory = Giant Salads

You will not graduate unless you finish that giant mound of food.

You will get a B in housework if that knife is not scrubbed clean!

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  1. That is funny! Good deal, helping out with the housework…that deserves an A+!!

    Katie Meester

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