Forays Into Comedy

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A few days ago Gideon bounced over to where Piper and I were playing by the front window. She loves to play there since she can pull herself up on the window sill and check out all the happenings outside. Peek-a-boo usually results after she hides in the curtains and the Christmas tree proximity was a bonus. Anytime Gideon gets near her, her excitement bubbles over into loosing her balance and near full body convulsions. She’s a typical little sister, I’d say.  So when Gideon came over, she was jumping out of her skin again, but I was the one who was about to get really excited.

He gets up in my face and says “knock, knock.”

And I respond with “who’s there?”

“Poppy Mom-mom”

“Poppy Mom-mom who?”

“Poppy Mom-mom bring more fruit snacks!”

It’s not exactly comedy gold, but I laughed pretty hard anyway. Welcome to my world, Gideon. Making people laugh is right up there with eating those fruit snacks.

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