Four D not Forty

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Last Friday, while my parents were in town, we drove up to Frisco and got some pretty good looks at the baby. Right before we went in, my chewing gum suddenly became extra crispy and I realized that I’d lost a filling and part of a tooth. That was awesome. I forgot about my tooth pretty quickly once I crawled up on the table and the goo was on my belly.

We saw him in 2D first, and even that is pretty wonderful. He has a big belly and lots of hair and his heart beat was strong and steady. When she switched it over to the 3D/4D the placenta was kind of in the way and he buried his face in my hip, with his placenta pillow for the rest of the morning.

We went to get a bite to eat and that seemed to liven him up, so he moved out of my hip and into plain view. That’s when we got the good shots.

Check him out for yourself…..

Baby leg and foot
Side view with slight distortion from movement.
2D of his profile.
All their noses look smooshed like that for some reason.
Of course, it might actually be smooshed, but it’s not all that likely.
He pretty much kept his hand up by his face like that the whole time.

So that’s him. That’s our baby. He’s still gestating, although lately he’s been taking Taekwondo classes and is practicing most of his kicks on my right rib cage. It almost lost it’s fun for me though. Almost.


  1. that’s so cool! man, I never got any cool ultrasounds with my kids. each time I only got 1 2d done at 20 weeks, and they only gave me one picture. how do you get to do all this stuff?Luckkkyyyyyyyy!

    Hope your tooth gets fixed quick and easy. that stinks when you gotta deal with stuff like that.

  2. That’s my grandson! I think he needs a pony. And a baseball mit.


  3. I have been faithfully checking the blog as you instructed. And let me just say that Baby Mack is mighty cute in 4D!! Love, Z

  4. Wow! That’s very awesome!

    Best wishes to the three of you!

  5. Man, I love looking at that kid! I can’t wait to hold him!(and find out what his name is) I agree with poppi, he needs a pony and a baseball mitt and possibly a puppy. 🙂

    The Grandma

  6. Kim –
    I’m so excited you have a blog too! Your baby is beautiful! I can’t wait for him to get here and meet Hunter!

  7. i like his 4-d profile shot. so handsome. like he is posing for his senior photos with his little fist under is chin. he only needs some neon and lockers in the background. big “class of 2025” for him to lean against. i love you, baby!

    kim, i will call you this upcoming week sometime. was visiting d and he is visiting me now. i love you too, baby!

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