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Here you go…

A is for Age
Twenty-eight.  That’s two years from thirty.  Just two.

B is for Burger of choice
Imagine this -> Corn-fed beef, thick cut peppery Bacon, super sharp Cheddar, tomato, green leaf lettuce and ranch dressing on an unobtrusive but buttery bun<- Doesn’t get better does it?

C is for what Car you drive
Olds Alero.  It wasn’t my first choice when the Cavalier got rear-ended, but it’s been a great car for us, even if they don’t even make Oldsmobile’s anymore.  I think that makes it vintage.  Right?

D is for Dog’s name
We have no dog.  We do babysit my parent’s dogs, Harley and Tuffy, from time to time.  Although I’ve never been fans of their names and tried to convince everyone to call them Charlie and Tubby when they first got there. No dice. We did have a dog for a weekend once.  We named him Jaeger.

E is for Essential item you use every day
Moisturizer.  Want nice skin?  Use moisturizer, preferably with a good SPF rating.  Although, I’ve been really loving my tan lately…don’t tell the skin cancer.

F is for Favorite TV show at the moment
Wipeout.  Although, I’m with Zanna and could use some Lost, big time.  Wipeout has been doing a good job of making me laugh, though.   I hear Project Runway premiers this week.  Too bad I don’ta hava da cable.

G is for favorite Game
Ticket to ride.  Fun. Fun.

H is for Hometown
Home is where you hang your hat and this is where my hat is at.

I is for Instruments you play
I used to rock the flute pretty hardcore until we moved to a place where band meant marching and I tried to cut a deal to only do symphonic things or at least nothing involving suspenders and toe pointing white shoes.  It didn’t fly.  I sold that flute in college for car insurance money. 

J is for favorite juice
Either Simply Orange with Calcium or Ocean Spray’s nothing but juice Cranberry

K is for who you’d like to Kiss
The Jud and the baby.

L is for Last restaurant you ate at
Jimmy Johns (it’s Gideon’s FAV – he prefers extra onions though and I’m way too plain Jane for him.  My favorite is the Slim #5 in case you want to surprise me.)

M is for favorite Muppet
I hate kids shows. Except one time there was this show with a disclaimer that was all “This is not a kid’s show.  In no way was it intended for children.  If you let children watch this you are sick.”  And then the theme music would start and it would be children’s voices singing all sing songy “Kid’s Show. Kid’s Show. Kid’s Show.” Hilarious.  In a related topic, I am a horrible person.

N is for Number of piercings
I have two ears.  They are each pierced and filled with metal that is attached to diamonds that were purchased by my husband before we were married and given to me on the day of our wedding.  I’d purchased some fake ones to wear that I thought were too big and was debating on wearing them when these arrived.  I rarely remove them from my head.

O is for Overnight hospital stays
Well, there was that one time, when I had a baby. And the rest of the surgeries were outpatient.  I think.  Poppy and G-ma can correct me if I’m wrong. 

P is for People you were with today
Walmart employees. Zoo keepers.  The Family.

Q is for what you do with your quiet time
Sit outside. Read the bible – currently reading in Acts. Memorize something – currently Psalm 1. Pray.

R is for biggest Regret
I’m stealing Zanna’s answer: Not passionately living for God sooner.

S is for Status
I’m going to interpret this one differently.  I’ll go with social status and I’ll choose somewhere between food stamps and the Hamptons. Still trying to stop judging success by how I’m dressing.  Keep em comin.

T is for Time you woke up today
7:15.  No need for an alarm clock when you’ve got anyone in the house under five.

U is for what you consider Unique
I’m a firm believer in the nothing new under the sun philosophy. It’s why I’m typically unimpressed and am hard to shock. I might not have seen it before, but don’t think your the first one to come up with that.

V is for a vegetable you love
SWEET POTATOES!!  Are those technically a starch?  Well, then broccoli, I guess. But seriously?  Take a sweet potato, thinly slice it into something resembling, um, fries.  Drizzle with olive oil.  Lightly salt.  Heavily pepper. Bake until the edges brown.  Bliss.

W is for Worst habit

X is for the number of X-rays you’ve had
Too many.  Frequent childhood pneumonia was so awesome.  And that broken foot.  And some other stuff that I forget now.

Y is for Yummy food you ate today
String Cheese. Frigo brand.  It really is America’s Favorite. If, in this scenario, I am America.

Z is for Zodiac sign
Gemini, not that you care.

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  1. Thanks for playing along, my friend!! You Rock!! =)

    Oh, and by the way…I was thinking about Jaeger the other day when you posted about needing a dog to scare off all those hole-digging creatures. Poor doggie…that weekend w/ you guys was probably the highlight of his life!!

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