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Written on October 5
I got all crazy on Sunday night because I had a little bit of spotting and I started imagining that the baby had died. I got so worked up after reading online about miscarriage (why are the symptoms of miscarriage the same symptoms as pregnancy?!) that I called a family friend who’s an OB/Gyn and made him give me a diagnosis from Ohio (which of course he would not do because he’s all professional and stuff…I’m sure his real patients appreciate that). He just pretty much said “it could be something or it could be nothing but you won’t know until you have an ultra sound.” My appointment was for the next day anyway but I called and got it pushed up to earlier in the day. (My doctor just got a 4D machine and so, we’ll be able to get for real, honest to goodness pictures and a DVD of the baby in utero. It costs a little moolah, but it’s our first kid and how do you not shell out every last cent to get to see him/her as soon as technologically possible? I don’t know either.)
My doc was all “spotting is normal” and “stop freaking out” and also “you guys sure did make quick work of that. I think the exam room table is still warm from your last procedure” then he checked the dates of when things had happened, shook his head and laughed. I told him we weren’t good at following directions. He said “obviously.” So, he didn’t scold us or anything (what’s done is done, right?) and was very positive and encouraging and in general a great doctor. Let me just tell you that I think he is the best doctor ever and he thinks Jud is John Mayer (the nurse told Jud that she thought he looked “just like that guy who played Johnny Cash in that movie.” Later Jud pretended to have a scar on his lip to enhance the Joaquin Phoenixness, but I still couldn’t see it). We got to hear the heartbeat and it was really strong and plenty fast. All is going well right now, but we’ve got one more month before we’ll really be ‘out of the woods’ as the kids say.

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