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It’s here. Huskers on the road in Waco and we are leaving in about 30 minutes to make the trek down. Proudly wearing red, we’ll drive the short stretch down I-35 straight into Bear country. We’re a bit nervous of the outcome (and about Kim’s need to yell all sorts of things during games that may be disturbing to Baylor fans), but we’re also pretty excited to get a little taste of home even if it’s in a stadium that’s not Memorial.

A full report is on it’s way.

In Other News:
Kim got two sweet hours of OT this week.
Jud got a whopping 33 1/2 hours. That’s one sucker punch to sleep.
Last night was the DTS Fall Festival. All of you associated with CBC know what we thought that meant. It meant something else. It meant country music and cowboy boots. Good to know. One of our friends did demonstrate his mad roping skills and Kim jumped in a kid’s inflatable bouncy castle with three of her friends. As a demonstration of his love, devotion and security in his manhood, Jud held her purse while she jumped. He faired better than his friend Daniel who held both his wife’s purse and her gold shoes. The not-so-Festival was abandoned and we adjourned to Chick-fil-A where we ate, talked and stood in the parking lot for a ridiculous amount of time.

Saddest Item of the Week: While standing in the parking lot, a woman had one heck of a time parking. After she got out, she told us that the reason she was having trouble was because she was holding her 2 month old baby on her lap while she drove.

Sorry to end this on a low note. You’ll have to cheer yourself up by ordering the game on Pay-Per-View. We hear Rick might order it. You should give him a call.


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