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So, my stomach is starting to poke out way beyond anything that could be mistaken for a little extra holiday eggnog. You probably already believe me, but I’ll post a picture soon.

I’m eating pretty well and I’m not preoccupied with certain kinds of food, but food in general is never far from my mind. I don’t know that this is a new development because of the pregnancy (Things that have changed because of pregnancy included an incident earlier today, after Jud was taping me [on our new awesome video recorder] recounting a story my dad told me. He had me convinced that my voice has gotten deeper since August and I started kind of freaking out, and then he said he was just kidding, but now I don’t know if I believe him or not), because I’ve always been sort of preoccupied with food.

Here’s the list of things that I’ve eaten today:

Frosted MiniSpooners (Malto Meal rocks at ripoff cereals)
Orange Juice
Chicken Noodle Soup and Saltines
An Orange
Tuna Casserole
Jello Pudding
A handful of spicy nacho Doritos

Okay, so maybe that last one’s not the world’s best choice, but I think the baby needed something salty and spicy.

Speaking of the little guy, it turns out, he’s not so little. Right now he’s measuring a full week beyond where he’s really at and weighs in a nice and full one pound four ounces. His brain looked good. His face looked just like a baby’s should, eventhough he was doing his best to cover it up with his arms and hands (I’ll scan in his new pictures tomorrow at work [though they aren’t as clear as they could’ve been]). We went in for the ultrasound this afternoon and by the time it was over I was starving. About ten minutes after I was done eating, he started moving around really fast and being rambunctious. It was the first time eating has produced that result, but if he’s anything like his dad, he’s going to love dinner time.

One note of concern is that his supply of nourishment is only 2.5 centimeters from being too low. You can read about all of those fun words here.

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  1. So you have low-lying placenta? I’m sure you’ve already been told this, but it will most likely move up as you get further along.

    As far as spicy food, i’ve always heard that’s good to eat it so your baby will learn to like interesting foods. No picky eaters in your family, right?

    Take care. Hope you’re all feeling better. That’s the worst to be sick when pregnant and you can’t take any medicines.


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