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When the kid was first born Amy asked me if I was going to be one of those moms who actually stay at home all the time. I’d thought about that a lot before she asked me. I envisioned myself strolling outside with him all the time, going to the park even if he couldn’t really enjoy it yet, spending plenty of time of time with my other mommy friends, taking care of the shopping while Jud was at work and volunteering for all sorts of worthy causes. And then I realized how much work it is to do all of those things, how much time it takes just to get him and me ready to walk out the door for a day, how awkward it is for me to cart around a screaming baby, how much he likes to be in familiar surroundings and how much work I need to get done. So, even though I told her no, I mostly stay at home now.

Today, however, I made a trip to Walmart, just the two of us. It’s not that big of a deal, I know, but I get a little twitchy at the thought of him melting down in stores. He did it once when I was at Super Target with my mom and I immediately started sweating and heading toward the nearest exit. I just really don’t want to be that woman. I don’t want people’s ridiculous advice, disapproving stares or clucking tongues. I just want to shop like a normal person and have no one notice me.

That wasn’t quite the way it happened today. He screamed a little bit. He eventually nodded off in his car seat. And everything was fine. It takes less to get us out the door now and I have slightly less anxiety about him screaming in public places.

I still like being in our house together, though. That’s when I get to see him like this…

Sleepy and content

Happy and awake

Suspicious and funny

Gangsta – all the way


  1. Love that gangsta picture! Yes, it gets easier to venture out to walmart and the like as babies get older. the screaming becomes more predictable. you learn when during their routine you can risk the store and when it aint worth it. so yes, sometimes you stay home alot 🙂 hey we don’t even have a store to go to here…

  2. Oh my goodness! I see this little boy all the time, but I haven’t noticed all of those precious chins, and those chunk-a-munk legs!!! Wow!! So glad I’m one of the lucky mommy friends that gets to share raising children together with you. Can’t wait for our play date in the morning!!! :):)

  3. I AM the woman to get those looks! LOL! With Elijah anyway. He is quite the character sometimes. I just have to TOTALLY avoid going by the bikes or balls altogether and we are good. Those dang Wal-Mart’s are different in every store though! HA! So when I start to see a bike I take a sharp turn down that bathroom isle, for a quick detour to the diaper isle! 🙂

    Anyway I am up for a playdate anytime, but now that I am babysitting it could be interesting! I have taken the three of them in public by myself two or three times and I was getting those looks!

  4. Love the pictures! And there is a reason it is called being a stay at home mom, the point is to stay home and enjoy your baby. So enjoy!

  5. Lil G rock is pretty gangsta. Enjoy the time at home. Volunteering is for chumps, did you know that so called “volunteers” don’t even get paid? I saw a Dateline Investigative report about it, and then confirmed it on the Interwebs…

    love ya Ronke

  6. The gangsta pic is totally cracking me up! I am totally sympathetic. I wore myself out for a couple of weeks trying to do it all. Just stay home and enjoy him!

  7. Wally is so not interested in reading blogs one single bit (big shocker I know); however, if I holler from the office that you’ve posted new Gideon pics, he suddenly appears to check them out himself (if only he had the same reaction when I called for backup to squish a bug or something).
    We love the pic updates, but obviously we’d love it better if we could see him in person soon to hug & squeeze those awesome baby rolls!!
    Love & miss you!

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