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Everyone keeps saying that the nuclear plant up in Fort Calhoun is fine. The core is GREAT! The reactor is AWESOME!  But, I have reason to doubt.

My horrible reputation at growing things was happily passed down from my mother. She is a minimalist when it comes to her plants.  She does minimal things to keep them alive.  I like to think that she only has their best interests at heart and that she is putting them through the school of hard knocks.  Need more sunlight? Tough. Oh, did you want WATER? Pansy! A new pot? Give me a break!

I have followed in the tough love for plants and as a result, I have none that live permanently in our house, which is especially great because I never have to worry if someone is eating one of them.

My mother’s inside plants are still kind of sad.  They lean. They have dead patches.  Jud swears they are begging to be put out of their misery.

But outside?  Something has happened.

Usually for Mother’s Day each year we plant flowers in her garden.  She picks them out. We pay. She points to where she wants them.  We plant.  It’s a fabulous deal and everybody is happy.  The plants get the sun they need because they are outside.  My father’s love of his lawn requires his sprinkler system to water every fifteen minutes (yes, that is hyperbole, but yes, he has giant water bills.  GIANT). They grow fine.  Everything is normal.  It’s lovely.

This year, we didn’t buy her anything new, primarily because the stuff that comes back every year (annuals, right? or are those perennials? hmm. yeah, I still don’t care) looked like it was going to come back in nicely. We bought a combined Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gift of lawn furniture. Everything seemed normal.



What used to be normal sized plants are now gigantic towering beasts of the garden.  I only see one explanation.  Fort Calhoun.


[disclaimer: I don’t actually think there’s been a breach. I realize that crazy people who somehow have access to the world wide web do believe that.  I just haven’t joined them. Yet.]

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  1. my friend works at the fort calhoun nuclear power plant and they’ve been shut down since april this year for a scheduled refueling and they weren’t able to actually refuel after emptying old fuel because of the flood that then rolled in. sucks for them!
    but they would have shut down anyway, it would have been against the regulations of blah blah to run it with that much water around and it would have been forcibly shut down.

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