God Shows Mercy to His Children aka The Stink Is Still the Precursor to Evil

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Yesterday, while driving home from work (skipping the gym due to forgetting my gym bag at home), I was on Skillman and the person in front of me was turning left. There are no turn lanes on Skillman. There are however inattentive drivers.

One of those hit me.

Not too fast. Not too hard.

Not enough to really damage the car (thank goodness he was driving a tiny Honda! [for Jen, Daniel, Wally and Zan: He came in a Honda. He came in a Honda! HecameinaHonda!Honda!HONDA!HecameinaHonda! He came in a Honda.])

Unfortunately, I knew he was going to hit me and I had a couple of thoughts very quickly “Keep your foot on the brake Kim!” “Whatever you do, don’t tense up!” and the last one was “You are tensing up!!” and then he hit).

So we, pulled off of the road and once I got out I immediately noticed the sticker in his window. It was a familiar little book with a flame logo. I’d been run into by a DTS dude.

We exchanged information and mostly he was all “So Sorry.” And I was all “It happens.” And Jud (who I called immediately after I called 911 and was told that cops in Dallas do not respond to accidents unless someone is injured, which I thought was only the case under inclement weather, but I suppose 97 degree heat qualifies, so, meh) was all “See you around”.

I took a bunch of ibuprofen and Jud slathered on the Aspercreme (twice! And, despite what you may be thinking, I did not orchestrate a car accident in order to get a back rub. I may do that in the future since it worked so well, but this time was totally legit). Then I ate some leftover salad and then I moaned in the floor for a bit while watching the Office (It was the one where Dwight hits a pole (while driving) and gets a concussion. It made me laugh even though the laughing caused more pain. It was worth it.) Then I went to bed.

The car is going to be looked at today (thank you, Jud!) but we don’t think anything is wrong with it (except that the oil needs to be changed, but I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with the accident).

My back is feeling a bit better today (thank you Ibuprofen!) and, as long as I stay medicated for a few days, I think I should be fine.

Photoshoot in Tulsa by Paula: It Blogs

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  1. Kim, I’m so glad to hear that you’re okay. I’m so glad that he “cameinahonda!” =) Oddly enough, I was also hit the other day. However, it was not the kind you brace for…didn’t see it coming. Needless to say, it was nothing catastrophic. However, there was comedy as the women (who clearly ran into the back of us as we are stopped at a light) told Daniel, “How do I know that you didn’t roll into me?” I mean, are you kidding! And to think, she said that after first getting out of the car and claiming, “I’m so sorry. My daughter called and I wasn’t paying attention.” WOW! Some people! =)

    Okay, so we’re taking an extended holiday weekend…heading to both hometowns. So, we’ll not be back until Tuesday night. Sorry! But, let’s get together next week. HAVE A FUN “FOURTH” WEEKEND!


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