Good Day

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Our church is doing a weekend where we reach out to the surrounding community. Since I am very much with child, I stayed behind to pray for a few hours while Jud went out and shared the big G with people. It was a good experience for both of us. I loved the praying. He loved the talking/listening/in general being somewhere other than cooped up in this guest room/office.

In the afternoon we took a long nap and that is why I am wide awake at 12:47 am. This spells serious trouble for tomorrow, but I’m not going to think about it too much.

We had supper at Which Which? (a fabulous sandwich place where Jud can load up on the toppings and where I can keep mine to simple things like grilled onions and cheese) with my friend and her little brother. Then we went to Lush so that my friend could buy soaps and things. Then we went to Nordstroms and bought Jud some new athletic/everyday shoes (Happy Belated Birthday!).

Jud’s other shoes were starting to look sad. When he first bought them, they were much beloved (even by one of his bosses at the old office who remarked on the brand) but now they are nearing homeless man stage (Allison will remember when this stage crested on a pair of flip flops that I wanted to burn but did not because Jud loved those homeless man shoes. I’m not sure when they disappeared, although it may have been somewhere around the time that I gave up all of the undergarments that I still had from junior high — they still fit! but then I got hit by that dude in the huge truck and he smashed up my car beyond repair and I had to ride in an ambulance and the nurses got to view my very very old [were talking 10+ years, here] underthings before cath-ing me. Wow, that was a great day). Anyway, Jud now has some awesome new adidas shoes. One day I’ll show them to you.

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