Good Friday

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I’m off of work today and Jud is off of school. He’s been working since early this morning while I kept right on sleeping. It was so great to not have to get up for anything and to not have anything pressing me to hurry up and get out the door. I got to clean the bathtub and not put on shoes yet. These are both wonderful things.

I talked with a bunch of friends this week by phone, which was really good. Some of our friends just announced that they are having baby number two and that is just fantastic news. I’m hoping it’s a boy so that our little guys can have all sorts of adventures together, but I’m sure they’ll be friends even if it’s a girl. Some other friends are very close to a home purchase, which is a truly wonderful thing. Another set of friends has a ton of family in town this weekend from a far off magical land and they are headed to the rodeo. We’ve been invited to go along, but Jud is suffering from a chest/head cold that is taking a pretty good toll on him. Also, my false labor is starting to enter the ‘holy cow this is painful’ stage. The contractions aren’t getting closer together or anything and it’s all very sporadic, but when they come their power is disturbing.

Now I’m going to post pictures to distract you from the fact that this post has very little cohesion and is not very exciting. Mmkay?

Jud & Kim last Sunday (thanks Zan!)

From Jud’s 25th Birthday party…I wish we still had some cake.

The shoes.


  1. I want to be super cool, like Jud, and own a pair of Adidas!

  2. Since you had such a wonderful day off, do you want to come clean my bathtub too? (I think I’m to the point where I think “we’re moving in a few weeks, I’ll have to clean it then again anyway) 🙂

    Happy Easter, guys!

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