Gremlin Update

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The Gremlins might have won last week, but I’m laying the smack down now:

– Drivers License – Never found it. Went to the DMV on Friday.  Tried pleading my case to reissue license.  Was told that the picture they had on file “didn’t even look like” me.  Took vision test.  Came home. Studied for written test.  Went back to DMV. Took written test.  Couldn’t take driving test as you have to make an appointment to do that.  Weighed wether or not gnawing off my own hand would be more fun than returning to the DMV.  Decided I need both hands to make brownies.  Decided to keep both hands.  Went back to DMV on Monday and passed the driving exam by one point.  Imagined myself attacking the crotchety old man who scored my driving.  Maintained composer, because, hey, at least I still passed.  Forced smile for picture. Possess new license and am guarding it with my life. 

– Gym Membership Card – Still not found.  Will pay $10 for a replacement…soon. 

– Cell Phone – Found!  Turns out I left it outside on the step at my parent’s house as that is where my car stopped working and that’s where I plopped myself down to wait for a ride from the Jud. Also found with my phone were my car keys and a key to my parents’ house.  Hey, thieves!  You should follow me around.  I will just leave the keys for you right here, where you could use them.  

– Ability for my car to recognize my key and actually start – Father entered the land of Google and found warranty zapping quick fixes involving cutting the THIN yellow wire.  Still not sure what the thick one does but the warnings against it were dire.  He installed a toggle switch to fool the car into thinking that it can still start.  The last two times we fixed this it cost $350 EACH TIME.  The Dad Special? About five bucks at Home Depot.  Woot! 

– A working breast pump – Am not smart.  Was having much stress. Forgot to use those little flappy things that, you know, insure there is suction by creating a vacuum. File this one under I AM LAME.

– My sanity – Still officially gone.  Hoping to find it on the east coast soon, possibly squeezed between a bun at Ann’s Dairy Cream or tucked under some sand at the beach. 


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