Growth and Growing and Grow Some More

Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Mothering | 0 comments

From here on out, you should probably just assume that I’ll post pictures of the kids with all kinds of exclamation points wondering “What happened to MAH BABIESSSSS?”

Seriously, though. What happened to my babies?

She looks twelve in this picture. I am both intrigued that one day, God willing, she will actually BE twelve [9 years from now] and disturbed that the day when she is twelve will actually occur. I miss baby Piper (so so bad, bad, bad).

I guess they are growing babies bigger these days (and cuddlier and smiley-er).

See what I mean about the cuddlier part?

[Boy not pictured due to Lego creation time and the desire to not have said creations captured until they are ‘ready’. I suppose he’ll be photographed sometime in 2022.]

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