Guess who’s going to see Dr. Laura?

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If you guessed Jud, you do not know us very well.

I am! I am! She’s a pretty polarizing figure, so if you are reading this now and thinking, “whoa, Kim is really extreme or something.”

A. You are mostly right.
B. Stop judging me!

Zanna and Jenn are coming too and it will be a nice little girls night with my favorite bossy woman.

In other good news, my dad (who feels just fine, thank you!) may be heading down here to take Wintersession classes (Clapping and Fun Music Ensue)! Isn’t that just wonderful? We hope mom can get away from the union to come too, but you now how union jobs are, especially the ones involving credit. If both of them come, maybe the boys could come too? Tuffy and Harley would LOVE Dallas. And they would LOVE riding in the car for 10 hours. I hope and I hope.

Also on the good news trail, three of our friends [Tom, Sarah and Krystal] will be arriving a week from tomorrow. A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!! They are coming and we will have tttttttttthhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss much fun. That’s a lot. We are planning out fun things to do and are just mainly excited to have them stay in our home and all.

In neutral news, my job is crazy busy now and I am doing tons and tons of work, which feels much more normal to me. However, I did receive something from my old job this week and just cringed that things were not ‘my way’. I know, I know. I am frequently judgmental and controlling. You should really stop telling me that, because clearly it does no good.

And Because this was not a great post….pictures! Yes, distract yourself from my silly writing with these from my trip to MD.

Kim eating an Ann’s Footlong and drinking a chocolate shake

Grandad & Nana at Peggy’s Diner

Mom, her sister Lisa, Grans, mom’s sister Pam, mom’s brother Mike

Kim dancing with Grans in her kitchen

Grans shows off her awesome picture taking skills
In true form, she cuts off Kim and Paula’s heads

Okay, kids, that’s all I’ve got now. Hope you were razzle dazzled enough to come back and read some more later!

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