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When the previous owners of our house moved away, they took with them two charming little beasts who spent their time keeping this place safe from squirrels, rabbits, birds and the most dangerous of all suburban wildlife, ground squirrels.  

You know, these…

Not only have taken over our backyard, they are apparently vacationing on our deck.  Little holes dotting the grass have popped up under the deck, by the grill, under the wood pile and anywhere else their teeny tiny hearts desired.  If it weren’t for all the holes, their presence could be overlooked.  But, alas, they are diggers and must be dealt with. 

This week, those two little keepers of the yard are back.  I haven’t seen a ground squirrel in days.  I do, however, have two very exhausted dogs laying at my feet. 

Good boys.  


  1. so I dont really have a comment on this post except that those look like interesting animals, we have different kind here. It’s just that I love leaving comments on your blog. I had another question about your foot problem, oh and I also wanted you to know that I now think of you every time I dry my hair 🙂

  2. For those who are interested, those two “good boys” are for rent from “Varmint Vamoose” at 1-800-DASCHUND.

  3. We have varment control also – in the form of two lazy indoor cats and a family of feral cats living outside. No mice, no squirrels, and not many annoying nesting birds either! If only they could rid us of a couple of yiping dogs in the neighborhood (sorry dog people).

  4. Do those “good boys” get rid of snakes too? I may have to call.
    Katie Meester

  5. Rattlesnakes, copperheads and salesmen are their specialty areas when it comes to snakes. They get all yippy and drive those snakes all the way to Texas! It’s pretty fun to watch, especially when they wear their little cowboy hats…

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