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So yesterday, if you have the childrens, you probably got all dressed up and collected candy from people you know, or, if you are into the old school, there-could-be-razors-in-this-but-i-can’t-stop-myself-from-butterfinger-so-what-does-it-even-matter mentality, from complete strangers. We didn’t do that. The dress the kid up part.

I know. I know. Our church has a carnival thingy and everybody goes and their kids are absolutely adorable and all of that. But our kid goes to bed about the same time as that carnival and mommy is cheap and (I was going to write uncreative, which isn’t totally true) bad with turning creative thoughts into reality (see: blogosphere world makes her happy. do not attempt to talk to the mommy while she is typing for the series of tubes. she cranky then).

Instead of all that, we put our muchkin to bed and passed out candy. Well, Jud passed out the candy. I sat on the sofa and alerted him to when children were getting dangerously near the doorbell. My kid might be forced into being a sound sleeper, but nobody can sleep through repetitive doorbell ding dongs. That’s umpossible! I attempted to write great-grandparents notes on the back of pictures of baby so that I can be crowned a slightly less slacking mother.

I’m sure of the slacking, by the way. I’m not fishing (or I suppose now it is perhaps phishing?) for compliments to the contrary.

-In Example-

Friend: Where are you taking Gideon for his three month pictures?
Me: (Knowing he is now four months old) Hmm?
Friend: Are you getting his picture taken for three months or are you waiting until six?
Me: Uh, yeah I haven’t done that yet (Truth: Did not even cross my mind. Was not listed in the manual I received. I mean, the tune up part I get, but pictures with the tune ups? No Clue.)

Last Week
Me: I think I might take Gideon for his six month pictures to this one place. Have you ever taken your kid there?
Different Friend: No.
[Conversation ensues about people who recommend it and the cheapness yet goodness of place].
Friend: So you’re going to do his Christmas pictures there?
Me: Is that what I’m supposed to do?
Friend: No, you can do what you want, but if it were me I’d probably get Christmas pictures done now so I can send them out with the cards.
Me: (Cards?! With the addresses? And the stamps? And actually putting things into the mailbox? Can’t people just read my blog?)

See? Lazy. (lion licks the lollipop…..who’s with me on that last one?)


  1. Ok Little Lola Lopp, you dont have to do any thing you dont want to do. And by the time you have your fourth one that child will be happy to have a picture with the siblings sitting on the door step. By the way those kids are very cute, did you scan that in from some magazine or something?

  2. Yeh- I am laughing because you are just so realistic. I tried to live up to all the “expectations” for the first kid- but our latest edition is lucky to have a one year portrait, and that was not even a professional shot…Trying to keep up with kids and house is enough- keeping up with all the other “mommys” is impossible!!

  3. there is no manual about when to get pictures done, everybody does it different. some people do it all the time, personally I can squeeze in doing it at 6 months and 1 year, professionally. Otherwise, at home our kids get their picture taken by me almost constantly so no shortage there. Some people don’t do this and go the professional route, do what you want.

    As far as halloween, there will be other years. We probably wouldn’t have done anything for Jesse’s first except a friend invited us (before bedtime) and we just happened to already have a costume laying around.

    The pictures you have on here of him with the pumpkins are just precious! He doesn’t need a costume!!

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