Happy Fourth of July

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Kim and I are in Amarillo enjoying time with friends. Above are pictures of what we’ve been up to here. On Sunday evening we attended a Fourth of July celebration at the bottom of Palo Duro Canyon (which is the nations 2nd largest canyon). The event centered around the country band Asleep at the Wheel who was accompanied by the Amarillo symphony orchestra. All in all it was really good, which coming from me evidently says a lot. I guess that I’m kind of a music snob but the musicianship and aura of Americana was at a very enjoyable level. A lot of times Kim will enjoy a song or group but she will always feel a sense of “I doubt Jud likes this though…” While this may be true at certain points, it certainly was not the case Sunday evening. The final portion of the evening included a fireworks show while the orchestra played the star spangled banner. If any of you know how arid this part of the country is, it is easy to see the fire danger in setting off fireworks here. And as many may have guessed, there were several fires following the fireworks show which were fairly well contained and actually smelled really nice because of the burning mesquite wood. It was great to end the evening with a great campfire smell in the bottom of beautiful canyon in the middle of one of the most desolate areas of Texas.
An interesting thing to note is the fact that while we were at a Fourth of July Celebration, the majority of all songs centered around the independance of Texas or the “greatness” of Texas rather than the nation as a whole. In case you did not know this, Texas is the only state that has a clause in its constitution allowing for sucesion from the Union.

Anyway, we’re driving back to Dallas later today and will be back late this afternoon. I hope that everyone is having a great holiday.

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